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Children's Day symbols and emoji 🍼🍼🍼

Different countries celebrate this holiday on different dates. In Post-Soviet countries, China, Europe, some countries of Africa and Asia the holiday falls on the 1st of June. It's related to the Women's International Democratic Federation, which introduced this initiative in 1949. That's how the holiday was established.

The Commonwealth took the proposal into consideration and in 1954 it made a resolution saying that «it would be cool to celebrate something in honor of kids». And just five years later (November 20, 1959) the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was approved. It was advisory in nature. The serious document was written later — in 1989, also November 20, when the Commonwealth developed the Convention of the Rights of the Child. That's why Western Europe and lots of other countries chose this date for celebration.

The rest of the countries celebrate the holiday following their national history and local traditions. For example, Japan chooses May 5, Turkey — April 23, Brazil — October 12, etc.

You know, what? Everybody should have their own holiday: women, men, Muslims, gays, chess-players, fools, everybody! Plus, kids can't really decide that on their own. It's our duty to guide them right. So copy the symbols for International Children's Day from this page and paste them in your messages to share a pic of your baby with the world! 🍼