We are the founders of the St. Petersburg web-studio SA•design. In our spare-time we develop interesting websites. In 2011 we had an idea to create a small web-service with easy interface to be able to see all Unicode characters on one page. And at the same time to display useful information about the character: Unicode-number, html-code, block of Unicode®, what languages and countries are used it and, of course, be able to copy and paste to the necessary place. On the side, we are the first who translated all the characters into Russian and some other languages. On the 6th of April 2012 we launched a beta-version in Russian and English and made it possible to search character on the website. Within six months, the daily audience of the website was a thousand visitors, and in autumn 2014 close to ten thousand. We are constantly reviewed site, improve search, accelerates loading pages, fix bugs, translate it into other languages and collect detailed description and history of each character. Our aim is to create the most complete encyclopedia of symbols, signs, alphabets, characters, scripts and languages. Almost every day we receive feedback with your thanks. It is very nice and inspires us to new achievements. Dozens of people all over the world have participated in the work on the website, translated it into their national languages, correct inaccuracies, made interesting proposals for the development of the project. We will make a convenient and useful service together. If you want to be part of this great cause as well, please send us an email: