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NKo 07C0—07FF

  • Number of characters: 64
  • type: alphabet
  • Languages: nko
  • Countries: Guinea, Mali

NKo is a Unicode block containing characters for the Manding languages of West Africa, including Bamanan, Jula, Maninka, Mandinka, and a common literary language, Kangbe, also called N'Ko.

N'Ko is both a script devised by Solomana Kante in 1949, as a writing system for the Manding languages of West Africa, and the name of the literary language itself written in the script. The term N'Ko means I say in all Manding languages.

The script has a few similarities to the Arabic script, notably its direction (right-to-left) and the connected letters. It obligatorily marks both tone and vowels.

Text is also available in the following languages: Русский; Deutsch; Italiano;