Samaritan is a Unicode block containing characters used for writing Samaritan  Hebrew 0590–05FF and  Aramaic 10840–1085F .

The Samaritan alphabet is used by the Samaritans for religious writings, including the Samaritan Pentateuch, writings in Samaritan Hebrew, and for commentaries and translations in Samaritan Aramaic and occasionally  Arabic 0600–06FF . Samaritan is a direct descendant of the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet, which was a variety of the  Phoenician alphabet 10900–1091F in which large parts of the Hebrew Bible were originally penned. All these scripts are believed to be descendants of the Proto-Sinaitic script. That script was used by the ancient Israelites, both Jews and Samaritans. The better-known «square script»  Hebrew alphabet 0590–05FF traditionally used by Jews is a stylized version of the  Aramaic alphabet 10840–1085F which they adopted from the Persian Empire (which in turn adopted it from the Arameans). After the fall of the Persian Empire, Judaism used both scripts before settling on the Aramaic form. For a limited time thereafter, the use of paleo-Hebrew (proto-Samaritan) among Jews was retained only to write the Tetragrammaton, but soon that custom was also abandoned.