Saurashtra A880—A8DF

  • Number of characters: 96
  • type: alphabet
  • Languages: saurashtra
  • Countries: Mongolia

Saurashtra is a script used to write the Saurashtra language. Its usage has declined and Tamil script and Latin are now used more commonly. The Saurashtra Language is written in its own script. Because this is a minority language not taught in schools, people learn to write in Sourashtra Script through Voluntary Organisations like Sourashtra Vidya Peetam, Madurai. Sourashtra is the popular spelling and it refers to both the Sourashtra language and a person who speaks Sourashtram. Saurashtra is an area in Gujarat State in India, from where the present Sourashtras in Tamil Nadu traditionally believed to have migrated some centuries back. Vrajlal Sapovadia describe Saurashtra language alphabet and language as hybrid of Gujarati, Devnagari, Marathi & Tamil.

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