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Syloti Nagri A800—A82F

  • Number of characters: 48
  • type: abugida
  • Languages: sylheti, bengali
  • Countries: Bangladesh, India

Syloti Nagri is a Unicode block containing characters of the Syloti Nagri script for writing the Sylheti language of Bangladesh and Assam.

Sylheti Nagari or Syloti Nagri (Silôṭi Nagôri) is the original script used for writing the Sylheti language. It is an almost extinct script, this is because the Sylheti Language itself was reduced to only dialect status after Bangladesh gained independence and because it did not make sense for a dialect to have its own script, its use was heavily discouraged. The government of the newly formed Bangladesh did so to promote a greater «Bengali» identity. This led to the informal adoption of the Eastern Nagari script also used for Bengali and Assamese. It is also known as Jalalabadi Nagri, Mosolmani Nagri, Ful Nagri etc.

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