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Tai Xuan Jing Symbols 1D300—1D35F

  • Number of characters: 96

The text Tài Xuán Jīng (»Canon of Supreme Mystery», Chinese: 太玄經) was composed by the Confucian writer Yáng Xióng (Chinese: 揚雄/扬雄; pinyin: Yáng Xióng; Wade–Giles: Yang Hsiung; 53 BCE-18 CE). The first draft of this work was completed in 2BCE (in the decade before the fall of the Western Han Dynasty). This text is also known in the West as The Alternative I Ching and The Elemental Changes. In the Unicode Standard, the Tai Xuan Jing Symbols block is an extension of the Yì Jīng symbols. Their Chinese aliases most accurately reflect their interpretation; for example, the Chinese alias of code point U+1D300 is «rén», which translates into English as man and yet the English alias is «MONOGRAM FOR EARTH».

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