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Four Leaf Clover
Cherry Blossom

This page consists of flower symbols. They say different flowers mean different things. Carnations do not work where roses are needed, dandelions do not replace camomiles. And they say they even have their own language, which appeared in the era of romanticism. Loving couples talked in this way, expressed a complex range of feelings. However, no one has created his own alphabet for this language.

In Unicode the symbols of flowers are in different sections. This rose is in various symbols and pictograms. But this flower with eight petals ❁ is from Dingbats. The symbol of summer is sunflower. Some flowers are not even flowers. This element will do for them. ❊ — this symbol is called «eight-pointed drop-shaped star-propeller». Who would have thought, because it looks like a dahlia. Syllables, punctuation marks, letters of some scripts often look like flowers too – ꕤ. Perhaps that was the plan. Only now not many fonts will show the symbols of the syllabic writing system – the Vai.

All these symbols are collected now in one group on this page. These flowers can be copied, for example, to a message on a social network. Or you can just go to the page of the symbol of some hibiscus and enjoy its beautiful HTML-code.