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Zodiac symbols

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Here you can see zodiac symbols. Yes, they got to Unicode. And, quite a long time. They were still in version 1.0.0, which was released in 1991. These symbols represent the sectors of the celestial sphere through which the sun passes during the year. In each sign of the zodiac, the sun is about a month, and then passes into another sign, roughly in the twenties.

The very word «Zodiac» is Greek. It means «animals in a circle». Ancient Egyptians came up with the names of the zodiac associated with the flora and fauna. And in ancient Babylon, it were given the names of real constellations.

Each of the zodiac symbols is associated with some ancient Greek myth. Aries, for example, with a golden fleece. A corpse with the myth of the meat-packing plant. Each of zodiac symbols is filled with meaning. Here two fish swim in different directions — this is a contradiction. A pointed arrow, probably, means evading conscription. It seems to be relevant in those days.

It is very important to place the symbol of the sign in your facebook. Because your character traits depend on it. And in general, fate. Aries are prone to head injuries, and weights are hard to underweight mandarins. Aquarius it is better not to trust plumbing work. Cancers play poorly in computer games.

You can insert the liked symbol of the sign of the zodiac anywhere. It is enough to select its image and copy it. If you decide to make a signature, don't forget to turn the text — so much fun.