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Star symbols

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Shooting Star
Glowing Star
Star of David
Eight Pointed Black Star
Eight Spoked Asterisk
Six Pointed Star with Middle Dot

In this set, you can see stars symbols. They need to be copied and pasted into a contact or another place. It will look good in nick, facebook and chest.

In general, stars are big gas balls that emit light. There are nuclear reactions in them, and around, the planets are often spinning. They are divided into classes depending on the spectrum. According to scientists, they appeared as a result of a big explosion, like everything else. They are observed in telescopes for study. The science of studying celestial bodies is called astronomy. There is still astrology, but it's hard to call it science. It deals with the signs of the zodiac, which, by the way, is also in Unicode.

Stars symbols from Unicode character map can mean completely different objects or phenomena. This sign is a pentacle (not a pentagram), for thousands of years it symbolized the protection and security of the most diverse peoples. Pythagoras said that he is a mathematical perfection.

The star of David, from the 19th century, is considered the main Jewish sign. It is depicted on the flag of the State of Israel. According to one of the legends, it was named so, because the soldiers of King David fought with shields of similar shape. I suspect that this is not very convenient. But, fashion is more important.

The multiplication sign is the mathematical symbol of the operation of multiplication. Can be written as an asterisk: *. Entered his Johann Run in the 17th century. While it does not win over the popularity of other options in the form of a dot or cross, but with the naked eye can see its huge potential. In the distant future, the interplanetary consortium of multipliers necessarily prefers it.

This star symbol is more like a flower.