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Symboles du cœur

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Cœur noir
Gros cœur noir
Cœur battant
Cœur brisé
Deux cœurs
Cœur scintillant
Cœur croissant
Cœur transpercé d’une flèche
Cœur bleu
Cœur vert
Cœur jaune
Cœur pourpre
Coeur noir
Cœur enrubanné
Cœurs tournant en cercle
Décoration avec cœur
Couple avec cœur
Gros point d'exclamation de fantaisie en forme de cœur
Lettre d’amour
Love hotel

Heart symbols for copy and paste. Many text characters and emoji from different Unicode blocks on present page.

Present days heart symbols used in followed meaning:

  • To express love, mainly romantic love, but not exclusively. “I ❤ Unicode”.
  • Shape of some gift such as postcard, toy, chocolate candy. Especially in saint Valentine’s day.
  • Anatomical schematic image of organ heart. (Department of cardiology in hospital).
  • One of the four suit of playing cards.
  • Health or number of lives (attempt) in computing games.

There are several version how this ♡ shape of ideograph appeared. One tells, that is a leaves of ivy. It was ancient Greeks god’s Dionysus emblem. Dionysus is a god of winemaking and passion. In 4 century B. C. heart symbols decorated brothels.

Necks of two swans constructs geometrical figure similar shape. If swans make pare they lives together whole live. Rare phenomenon among animals.

Schematic picture of amphibian’s appropriate organ is similar image.

Heart became sign of love and center of emotion at the end of the middle ages. Before, many centuries ago, it was sign of dinner (why the aborigines ate Cook? Were they hungry?). First usage character in meaning of romantic love was in 13 century. It was picture in manuscript «Romance of the Pear». Image is not exactly like current character — designer just used another font. Modern shape of heart symbol associated with love used to create the Danish «Heart Book». This manuscript written in 1550 and includes love ballads.