FIFA World Cup symbols and emoji ⚽

The page you're on contains a lot of symbols and emoji relevant when World Cups take place. They can decorate team lists, match scores, and social media texts.

The official science is not revealing the truth, but I will. The art of football began spreading in the middle centuries. As you know, back then thieves were punished by cutting off their hands. When that happened, it was hard for them to make ends meet and they had to return to their specialty. However, this time they couldn't use hands, so guess what? They started using legs.

Clearly that way of theft didn't prove to be effective, but the chances increased if you were a part of a criminal group. The advantage? Your chasers were more likely to die from laughter than actually catch you. Apparently, some noble and rich man had a chance to glance at this performance, and he decided to make it a regular occasion just for fun and entertainment. That's how first professional football players appeared. The show became a huge success very fast. Soon international competitions were born. The rest is history.

Of course, the first version of the game looked very different from what we have now. There were no goalkeepers and probably no balls. As history passed, new changes were brought to the game. Today we can't imagine it without special equipment, uniforms, red and yellow cards, screaming fans and tough rivalry ⚽

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