Greek symbols

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Greek symbols, from alpha to omega, are contained in the Greek alphabet. This alphabet has been used since the 9th century BC to this day. There are vowels and consonants in it. Perhaps he was the first alphabet of this type. In earlier times, the vowels were indicated by the addition of diacritical signs, or none at all. Its foundation was the Phoenician alphabet, and on the basis of the writing of the Greeks, in turn, most European and Middle Eastern writing systems developed. In total there are 24 letters in the alphabet, and in some dialects several more were used. For example, digamma, stigma, heta. By the way, they were used to record numerals.

The names of the letters of the alphabet were inherited from the Phoenician alphabet, taking into account Greek phonology. In this process they lost their original meaning. The letter «alp» 𐤀, which meant «bull», was called «alpha». There was a «bet» 𐤁 — home, became a beta.

Now letters of the greek alphabet are actively used in many sciences. In biology, they denote the social level of the individual in the group. In physics, quantities, constants, objects, and phenomena. In mathematics, too, starting right from school. The angle, α and something there λ. In everyday life, we also do not forget about them.

Greek letters has their own section in Unicode. But one is not enough for them, there is an additional one. Other beautiful letters are collected in a text box. Most are not from Greece, but to save the world through their incredible beauty is more important. Unicode is not deprived and mathematical signs.